Compare Fuel Properties


  • ISO/DIS 14083: Emission estimates aligned with the ISO 14083 standard.

  • EN/DIN 16258: Emission estimates aligned with the EU EN/DIN 16258 standard.

  • bar: 1 bar is equal to 100 kilo-Pascals, roughly equal to 14.504 pounds per square inch, or 0.9868 atmospheres of pressure.

  • °C: Degrees celcius.

  • MJ: Megajoule. A unit of energy.

  • MJ/kg: Megajoules per kilogram. A measure of energy density per unit mass.

  • MJ/L: Megajoules per liter. A measure of energy density per unit volume.

  • WtW kgCO2/MJ: Well-to-Wake carbon dioxide emissions (kg) per megajoule. Considers carbon dioxide emissions over all stages of fuel development. Estimates are based on EERA's analysis of the range in literature estimates for the best available data on well-to-wake carbon intensity, unless ISO/DIS 14083 or EN/DIN 16258 standard values are selected in which case the value from the standard is shown directly. Read more about the sources for the fuel carbon intensity values in our Ocean-Going Vessel Decarbonization Technology Assessment

  • $/MJ: Fuel cost, in U.S. dollars, per megajoule of fuel. Prices shown may not be current.